University of Edinburgh Technician Awards

Information about the Technician Awards.

Nominations for 2024 are open!

All staff are encouraged to nominate deserving technical staff who have excelled in one of the award categories during the last academic year (2023/2024).

Deadline to nominate: 17:00 on 28 June 2024

Winners will be announced during Technician Week 2024 (2-6 September).

The UoE Technician Awards aim to recognise the exceptional contributions of technical staff to the University. In particular, they aim to reward those who excel in what they do, who “go the extra-mile” in their work, in their contribution to the life of the University, in their contribution to public engagement and in the provision of support to their colleagues, School etc.

It is anticipated for awards to be awarded once a year as part of the University’s Technician Week.

We encourage all University staff and students to think of technical staff who have performed exceptionally well over the last year and to nominate them NOW.

Award Categories

Contribution to Research & Innovation

This award recognises technical staff who have made significant contributions to research and innovation activities within their area of work.

  •  Contributions to method development
  • Supporting progress of research through creative approaches, problem solving
  • Minimising equipment downtime through maintenance, fault-finding and repair
  • Effective lab or core facility management
  • Contributions to impact, for example: development of new applications and products, consultancy
  • Contributions to national, international, or field-specific societies, committees, and boards

Contribution to Community, Culture & Environment

This category recognises technical staff who have been involved in citizenship and community-centred activities within the University.

  • Contributions to a positive work culture and environment, for example: championing of equality, diversity and inclusion, organising networking/social events
  • Involvement in committee work at School, College or University level
  • Involvement in event organisation, for example: TechNet events, conferences and training courses

Contribution to Learning & Teaching

This award recognises technical staff who are involved in the supervision, training and mentoring of students and staff, as well as in the delivery of teaching.

  • Contributions to delivery of taught laboratory classes
  • Mentoring or supervision of Modern Apprentices and/or trainee technicians
  • Support of student project work
  • Contributions to mentoring programmes, career events, workshops or summer schools, including but not limited to student recruitment, inspiring young people, engagement with schools, foundation apprenticeships and widening participation activities
  • Dissemination of technical content to non-specialist audiences, for example public talks, festivals, events, social media, blogs and vlogs

Contribution to Infrastructure & Facilities

This award recognises technical staff who are involved in supporting building facilities or delivering key services to support laboratory and/or workshop activities.

  • Effective facilitation of estates work
  • Contribution to minimising the impact of unexpected events
  • Effective facilities management

Apprentice/Trainee Technician

This award recognises early career technical staff who are currently undergoing training, having started their technical career within the last 4 years and who have demonstrated significant potential through that time.

Who can be nominated

· Each nomination must be for an individual technician (the University currently has a very broad definition of “technician”, including staff who are in the technical job family, which includes those with the term “technical” or “technician” in their job title; staff who support infrastructure, buildings and facilities; nurses; IT staff; library staff and staff who hold hybrid (academic/professional services) roles).

· The technicians nominated should still be employed at the University in September 2024.

· Technicians who won one of the Technician Awards in the previous year cannot be nominated in the same category the following year.

Who can nominate:

· Individuals who work with technical staff. This may include academic staff, research staff and students, heads of department, other technical or professional services staff and other colleagues.

· Technicians can self-nominate.

· Judges will focus on the content of the nominations, not the number received, so please do not have separate individuals submit the same copied/pasted nomination.

What to include in the nomination

· The nomination should summarise your main reasons for nominating the technician in 250 words.

· The activities which qualify must have been carried out within the academic year 2023/24.

· The achievements supporting the nomination should include specific facts and examples, describing what the contribution of the individual to the initiative was, as well as the impact it had. This may be an impact on the progress of research; on their team or another group of colleagues; on their field of expertise; on the development of another individual; etc. You should highlight excellence in the nominee's role and/or champion things beyond the nominee's role.

· Ensure the achievements you provide are relevant to the category you have chosen. The categories’ descriptions above indicate the type of eligible achievements. Note that not all the elements listed are required and that the list is not exhaustive. Please do not include facts that would clearly align with another category as they won’t be considered by the panel.

· If relevant, you can highlight at the end of your nomination some specific or extenuating circumstances that you feel the panel should be aware of.

How to submit a nomination

· Complete the Microsoft Form:

· Submit one form per nomination.


· All nominees will be notified that they have been nominated.

· Each nomination will be evaluated by a panel.

· If a large number of nominations is received within one category, the panel may decide to also award a reasonable number of ‘highly commended’ mentions in addition to selecting a winner. The winner of each category will receive £500.

· Winners will be announced during Technician Week (2-6 September 2024).

· The results will be displayed on this website and shared via other communication channels across the colleges and wider University.

2023 Technician Awards

2023 Winners

Contributions to Learning & Teaching: Linda Clark and Michael Mullin

Contribution to Infrastructure and Facilities: John Blackhurst

Contribution to the University's Culture, Community and Environment: Charli Corcoran

Contribution to Research and Innovation: Edith Paxton

Apprentice/Trainee Technician: Matthew Proudfoot


2023 Shortlist

Contributions to Learning & Teaching

Juliet Dearden

Michael Mullin

Andrew Brown

Steven Gourlay

Emma Aitken

Sally Buxton

Linda Clark


Contribution to Infrastructure and Facilities

Lynne Wylie

Katalin Kis

John Blackhurst

Anna Raper

Gary Grobler


Contribution to the University's Culture, Community and Environment

Eilidh Guild

Sarah Little

Neil Johnston

Charli Corcoran


Contribution to Research and Innovation

Marianne Keith

Ebba Orjefelt

Nela Fialova

Lynn McTeir

Edith Paxton

Lorna Taylor


Apprentice/Trainee Technician

Matthew Proudfoot

Andy Fisher

Holly Morton

Rosey McGarry