Professional Bodies

The Science Council provides a list of all the professional bodies which are approved to assess and award Professional Registration certification. Each professional body may award slightly different combinations of awards so it is worth scanning over the list to see the various organisations available.

Although you are signing up  to a professional body as part of the requirement for achieving Professional Registration, you also want to take advantage of what the professional body has to offer, such as a training events or conferences in their specialist area, so consider this whilst looking.

Alternatively, you may find it best to stick with a less subject-specific body such as the IST

Many of the professional bodies are based in England so you may also want to check where the majority of training opportunities are held, because obviously the distance to an event will incur additional costs.

Every professional body charges a slightly different fee for membership, and then you need to add on the cost of having your Professional Registration assessed or maintained, so again, this may be a factor in your decision.

List of Professional Bodies

Institute of Science and Technology